SBOBET Sportsbook Review


SBOBET is a leading online sportsbook that offers a wide range of sporting events and games to bet on. The platform is available on PCs and mobile devices. In addition to sports betting, the website offers live casino, slots, and bingo. It has been recognized as one of the most reputable sportsbooks on the Internet.

The Operator reserves the right to void bets and suspend or reject any bet placed by any End User. Additionally, the Operator may suspect that an End User is using fraudulent or illegal means to place bets. Therefore, it is important to verify the status of a match before placing a bet. However, the Operator does not provide any guarantee regarding the accuracy of the match’s details.

A Bet is settled based on the final score at the end of the match. If the score is even, then it is deemed that the teams are tied. Regardless, the sum of the goals and points scored by each team is used to settle the bet.

There are a few exceptions to the rule of settlement for matches. Bets are not settled in extra time, penalty shootouts, or in the event that the game is abandoned. Also, bets are not settled for matches that take place on non-neutral ground. Lastly, if the team that wins the match is incorrectly identified, then the bet is voided.

The Operator offers In Running (“Live”) bets for selected markets only. These bets are only available for matches that are marked as “live.” An End User should check the status of a match before submitting a bet. Moreover, bets accepted by the Operator before the start of the live market may stand. However, if the Operator decides to discontinue the live market before the completion of the bet, then the bet will be invalid.

A Cash Out is available for a few selected events. This option allows the Customer to request the settlement of a bet before the result is announced. However, it is up to the Operator to set the amount of the Cash Out.

There are various types of bets, including money line, parlay, and double chance. The amount of the bet varies depending on the type of bet. For example, in a money line bet, the amount of the bet is equal to the odds of a winning combination. On the other hand, a parlay bet involves selecting more than one selection.

Double chance bets, like 1X2 bets, are made on the results of Home Win and Away Win. A double chance bet can also be made on Draw or Away Win. Each bet is subject to the limits outlined for each type of bet.

Betting on Asian Handicaps is also an option at the website. While the operator does not provide information about the actual handicaps, the odds are competitive and are a good way to make a profit. The website features over three thousand sports events per week and is available on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.